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NADE in the News!

It was my distinct pleasure to host the 2017 National Association of Document Examiners Conference here in New Orleans May 15-18, 2017. We had a variety of speakers presenting on topics such as Daubert, kinesiology, pediatric occupational therapy of the hand, new advancements in orthotic treatments for tremor, electronic records searching in litigation, and so much more.

One speaker came to us from Loyola University of New Orleans and she spoke to us how she incorporates mirror writing (writing in cursive with a distinctly leftward slant! and in a mirror image!) into her art. Click here to view the press release issued by Loyola shortly after the conference concluded.

“Happy Birthday to You”

Who would have known? I certainly didn’t! The one song that sticks with us all from childhood and through our adult lives — only to be handed down to the next generations — has an owner? Well, apparently that is being challenged. The following link details recent lawsuits currently in play to determine proper ownership if any. Very interesting… I’ll be curious to see what rulings are made in the coming months, if they’re not out already.

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ALWAYS Keep It Clean

Social Media has come upon the world as an excellent form of keeping in touch with others, especially the ones that you may not have the opportunity to see very often. From the moment that I ventured into the world of Social Media, I have always held to the opinion that you should not communicate anything that is highly controversial or could come back to haunt you.

Thus far, that has been a very good rule to live by. And I hope that my children will heed my advice and follow that rule when their time comes.

The following article ( is a prime example of how not following this train of thought can get you into trouble. It cost the plaintiff millions in his settlement and also cost the attorney, as well.

So, if you are reading this, please heed my advice. It pays to “keep it clean” in all facets of life, particularly in the world of social media. You never know who will be watching!

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